SkinGlamour Customized Facials

Customized Facials

Every Treatment includes skin analysis, cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extractions ( if needed) massage, mask and special ampule or serum designed for your skin needs.

European Facial

Designed treatment for your skin type, that ensures healthy, younger looking skin.

$85.00 - 90min
Teen Facial

This facial is highly recommended for teens with arising concerns (as acne). We will educate you during the treatment on skin regimens, and how to care for your skin at home.

$75.00 - 60min
Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment

Designed specifically for congested and acne-prone skin, this facial will thoroughly cleanse your skin from the inside out. Gentle but effective extractions help clear out the follicles and prevent excess oil production. A calming mask is used to give your skin a head start on the healing process.

$85.00 - 90min
Men's Skin Care Treatment

90 minutes of pure bliss and relaxation that no man can resist. Perfect for all skin types, this facial includes deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), massage on the face, neck, upper back and scalp for a true sensorial experience that leaves the soul relaxed and the skin cleansed, detoxified and soothed.

$85.00 - 60min
Back Treatment

This facial perfect for men and women, includes cleansing, steaming,exfoliation, extractions to remove impurities, massage and moisturising mask to improve the look and feel of your skin while relaxing your whole body.

$85.00 - 90min
Active-Contour Eye Treatment

The eye area is the most vulnerable of the face and also the one to show the first signs of aging, stress, congestion and dark circles. This treatment offers a truly beautiful effect from the first application.
Add to any treatment for $20.00.

$45.00 - 35 min