SkinGlamour Studio Special Facials

Special Facials

The purpose of these unique treatments are to treat, heal, prevent the skin from harm and bring visual results for the client even just from one treatment. All facials use the advanced skin care products from european cosmetic line Jean D’Arcel.

Hydration Treatment for dry skin

This treatment is designed to stimulate the synthesis of collagenous fibers and gives back a soft and supple feeling to the formerly rough and dry skin.

$95.00 - 90min
Multivitamin Power Treatment

Pollution, sun, stress: many factors combine to make your skin suffer great hardships. Day after day, the skin can become unbalanced and no longer able to defend itself. Renew your skin without a second to lose with this powerful facial supplying your skin with essential vitamins as A, C and E to function normally, effectively and continuously, and to preserve your skin's beauty.

$95.00 - 90min
Anti-aging, lifting treatment

Concerned with changing hormones and aging? Then this is the facial you have been looking for. Designed to reduce fine lines, strengthen elasticity,and boost hydration to improve your skin's texture. You will leave your session with firmer, healthier skin.

$95.00 - 90min

Jean D'Arcel Skin Care